Laser die-cut window rollstock

Patented technology that provides product visibility, longer shelf life and efficiency

Laser die-cut window rollstock

One of the most important packaging features for consumers today is the ability to see the product inside the packaging. Our patented laser die-cut rollstock technology gives your consumers this important feature without sacrificing efficiency or shelf life.

Woman looking at package with window

This proprietary technology allows us to use high-speed lasers to die-cut customized windows into paper flexible packaging laminations in roll form. Compared to equivalent forms of packaging such as stand-up weber bags, die-cut rollstock provides several benefits:

  • Adds significant shelf life for your product with better barrier and the ability to be gas flushable.
  • Large productivity improvements and production savings due to automated packing and increased output per hour.
  • Less inventory space required because die-cut rollstock takes 20% less storage space than bulky premade bags prior to packing.
  • Prevents infestation; pests can’t enter bag because it is heat sealed.
  • Low cost machining changeover; existing automated vertical FFS packaging machines can be modified to fill die-cut window rollstock.
Bag with die-cut window
Our laser die-cut rollstock technology allows windows to be customized for your brand in all shapes and sizes.

Applications for die-cut window rollstock

Die-cut window rollstock is ideal for many applications, such as:

  • Snacks
  • Bakery products
  • Deli products
  • Pet treats
  • Grains & cereals
  • Dried meats & fruits
  • Confectionery products


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