High burst strength flexible packaging

Also known as “over-the-mountain” (OTM) packaging or high-seal strength packaging, high burst strength laminations prevent packages from bursting and/or deflating during the shipping process, reducing product waste and headaches.

High seal strength lamination packaging

When does OTM packaging make sense?

Seal integrity and high burst strength are essential for any packages that will be exposed to high altitudes, varying altitudes, or low-atmospheric pressure during the distribution process. The gases/air within packages that are filled at sea level will expand when exposed to higher elevations. For these challenging packaging applications, we use laminations and sealants designed specifically for withstanding external pressure changes.

Our high-seal strength laminations eliminate many problems associated with burst packages, including:

  • Wasted product
  • Damaged brand image
  • Product safety concerns
  • Negative impact to the bottom line

Benefits of our high burst strength packaging options

How do C-P Flexible Packaging’s high burst strength (or OTM) laminations prevent burst or deflated packages?

  • Superior seal strength
  • Improved hermetic seal properties (even with product residue near seal areas)
  • Robust materials designed for product integrity

And because our high burst strength laminations are lighter in weight than most other flexible packaging structures, brands can expect to see sustainability benefits and cost savings. This is achieved without any sacrifices to moisture or oxygen barrier.

Ideal products for OTM laminations

Common applications for high burst strength laminations include:

  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Chips
  • Salty or savory snacks
  • Cookies
  • Confectionery items

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