Finishing encompasses all of the value-added processes required to convert wide webs of printed packaging film into the custom rollstock, premade pouches, roll-fed labels, sleeves, etc. that arrive at your facility or your copacker’s facility. We take great care during this step to ensure that each product we ship is of the highest quality, so it will run seamlessly on your equipment.

The processes during the finishing stage vary by product:

  • Premade pouches: This stage includes slitting, pouch converting, and sometimes laser scoring or spout insertion.
  • Shrink sleeves and stretch sleeves: This stage includes slitting and seaming.
  • Roll-fed labels: This stage includes slitting.
  • Rollstock: During this stage, we’ll slit master rolls of printed flexible packaging into the final, smaller rolls, integrating any functional elements such as custom laser window die-cutting, laser scoring, Inno-Lok® zipper application, peel-and-reseal label application, etc.

Printing machine


This process involves taking master rolls (which can be up to 60 inches wide) and slitting them into several smaller finished rolls. The width, diameter, and rewind direction of these finished rolls will precisely match the specifications of the packaging equipment on which it will be run.

There’s no room for error during this process. Precise, accurate slitting is absolutely vital to the finished quality of your packaging. We use state-of-the-art slitters and experienced operators to ensure the finished slit rolls meet your specifications exactly.

In-house pouch converting

We have the in-house capabilities to convert rollstock into any variety of premade pouch formats with many different closure options (spouts, press-to-close zippers, sliders, etc.) and many value-added features (handles, valves, clear windows, etc.).

And with our in-house laser scoring capabilities, your packaging can outshine competitors by providing optimum convenience and ease-of-use.

Integrating reseal features into rollstock

We can integrate reseal features like peel-and-reseal labels or Inno-Lok® zippers directly into rollstock, which you can run on your FFS equipment. Doing so enables your brand to glean all the benefits of resealable packaging without the upfront capital investment in new filling equipment.

Seaming shrink and stretch sleeves

Anyone can buy seaming equipment and ship sleeves off to you. To ensure each sleeve we deliver meets your expectations, we take great care through each step of our process, from prepress to printing, slitting, and seaming.

During prepress, we carefully place the seam away from detailed graphics or small text to minimize distortion. During finishing, we carefully create the seam, ensuring the finished shrink and stretch sleeves are perfectly circular so that, when shrunk or stretched around the contours of your container, the graphics display exactly as you envisioned.

We bring six decades of experience to each step in our process

Every step in the flexible packaging process builds off the last. Printed graphics can only be as vivid and clear as planned for during prepress and plate making. It’s impossible to slit precisely if the printed graphics are out of tolerance. And packaging orders will only be as consistent as the quality systems used to check them.

It’s paramount that quality and repeatability are designed into each step of the converting process.

Examples of the extra measures we take to ensure quality are:

  • Significant investments in cutting-edge vision systems on all printing presses
  • Integrated density spectrophotometers
  • Product traceability (DSC)
  • AVT Solid Proof software
  • SQF Level 2, AIB, and GFSI to IFS PACsecure quality certifications

C-P Flexible Packaging has six decades of experience manufacturing high-quality packaging for some of the most demanding brands. We bring that experience to each step of our process, from package design through printing, laminating, and finishing.

And with service programs like vendor-managed inventory, safety stock, and field technical support, you can rest assured that we will always meet your lead time expectations. Reach out to our team today to discuss your packaging needs.


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