Stand-up pouches

Stand-up pouches provide brands with the opportunity to be the first to disrupt entire product categories with a superior package.

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C-P Flexible Packaging is your one-stop, start-to-finish resource for custom stand-up pouches. We do platemaking, flexographic printing, lamination, coating, slitting, and pouching in-house — all while taking single-source responsibility for your pouches arriving at your facility exactly as you envisioned them.

Stand-up pouches are the fastest growing type of flexible packaging for many reasons:

Benefits for your customers

  • Lightweight and highly portable for on-the-go consumers
  • Convenient, value-added features improve functionality
  • Advanced materials can keep foods fresher, longer
  • Durable (can outperform rigid packaging in drop testing)
  • Near total evacuation of the product; rigid containers typically leave 6% – 14% of product in the packaging, while pouches can evacuate 99.5% of the product

Benefits for brands

  • Ability to price at a premium
  • Improved competitive positioning
  • Fits consumer lifestyle trends
  • Appeals to millennials
  • Ideal for ecommerce; lightweight and durable
  • New features, shapes, and sizes provide opportunities for differentiation
  • Eliminates labels and maximizes printable surface area for brand-building
  • Results in transportation and warehousing savings
  • Barrier properties can be tailored to the product and extend shelf life
  • Commands consumer attention and contributes to sales

And because premade pouches are delivered to you fully formed and ready to fill, they allow you to glean all the benefits of flexible packaging without the learning curve and cost of launching your own in-house pouching line.

Your stand-up pouch options

Stand-up pouches are available in a wide variety of styles, such as:

There are also many options for stand-up pouch closures, such as spouts, zippers, and sliders. And options for the bottom gusset include K-seal bottom gussets, Doyen seal stable gussets, or flat-bottom gussets to provide the pouch with a stable base.

With a full portfolio of flexible packaging products and fully integrated capabilities, we can make any packaging vision a reality. Talk to our team today about your brand’s flexible packaging needs.


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