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At C-P, we manufacture packaging for today’s lifestyles with health, nutrition, and wellness being a major market for consumers. We specialize in packaging for healthy foods, vitamins/supplements, personal care products, and more.

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Consumer demand for health & wellness products

Consumers spend more money on health & wellness products chart

Over the past few years, consumers have substantially increased their prioritization towards wellness. A McKinsey & Company survey showed that 79% of respondents consider wellness to be important with 42% calling it a top priority. Consumers also spend the most money on products that promote better health.

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According to Euromonitor, there are four trends that are shaping health & wellness packaged products:

  • As consumers cook more meals at home, mindful eating increasingly gains traction.
  • Consumers show a growing interest in products positioned to boost immunity, help relax, aid sleep and improve the mood to cope with ongoing uncertainty, stress and anxiety.
  • Plant-based products continues to flourish.
  • With mindful consumption on the rise, organic food products rise on the back of consumer demand for sustainably sourced products.


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