HD flexographic printing

C-P’s printing quality sets the standard among wide web flexible packaging suppliers.

With our HD extended gamut flexographic printing, you’ll see:

  • Brighter, more vivid images
  • Better highlights and gradients
  • Impressive solid ink density
  • Photo-quality graphics
  • Consistent printing quality from package to package
  • Packaging that will help you outperform your competitors

HD extended gamut flexographic printing

We bring six decades of experience to every package we print. Many leading brands depend on our sophisticated printing expertise for packaging that commands attention at the shelf. And we’ve proven our ability to reproduce graphics consistently production run after production run.

With 14 presses, including many state-of-the-art presses purchased in recent years, we have some of the best flexographic printing capabilities in the industry. And we’ve invested in the most innovative plate technology available to ensure consistency and superior printing quality. Learn more about our advanced in-house platemaking technology, imagers, and processing equipment here.

Flexographic printing capabilities and technology

  • High-definition 10-color flexographic printing presses
  • 7-color extended gamut printing technology
  • Surface and reverse printing up to 60” wide

Our advanced printing capabilities allow us to tackle complex artwork such as matte/gloss. While many converters struggle to achieve this effect, you can trust C-P for enhanced matte/gloss printing effects that are incredibly effective at drawing in consumers.

We print extended gamut. You pay less for packaging.

Extended gamut (EG) printing technology allows us to achieve nearly all brand colors using a fixed ink set. This provides several benefits for you:

  • Predictable results
  • Consistency from run to run
  • Superior printing quality
  • Allows for printing multiple SKUs in a single press run, resulting in reduced setup charges and improved inventory management

Because EG printing eliminates the need to shut down the press to change inks between each print run, we’re able to pass the savings on to you. You can gang multiple SKUs into one print run to receive a greater volume discount.

At C-P Flexible Packaging, “good enough” isn’t good enough

We deliver high-quality printed packaging on every order. And that doesn’t happen by chance — it happens by design.

To verify the graphics quality and color fidelity of every order that leaves our facility, we have quality assurance measures in place such as:

  • State-of-the-art vision systems to catch even the smallest print defects
  • Integrated density and spectrophotometers to numerically match printed colors to your proof

The proof is in the finished product

One of our clients is a major potato chip brand. And they’re just as concerned with the graphics on their bags as they are with the quality of the chips inside.

This company routinely sends a team to purchase bags at shops throughout the country — from Oregon to Delaware to Florida — to verify that the printed graphics are identical.

And we’ve had their business for years because that’s the level of real-world printing precision we’ve built the C-P name on.

We’re able to deliver print runs that exactly match your specifications because of the legwork we do during prepress and the expertise we bring to the press. To get printed flexible packaging that meets the strictest quality standards, reach out to our team today.

Let’s talk flexible packaging

Ask us your packaging questions, and we’ll see how we can help you overcome your next packaging challenge.