Flat-bottom pouches

Flat bottom pouch



BOX POUCHES®* are a unique type of premade pouch with five panels of printable area for on-shelf brand building. The way a BOX POUCH® displays a product projects an image of high quality. And the unique design of the BOX POUCH® provides superior stability, seal strength, and hermeticity compared to other types of flat-bottom pouches.

Several configurations and sizes of BOX POUCHES® are available, including large-capacity sizes. BOX POUCHES® can be further customized with various features:

BOX POUCHES® are engineered to use shelf space efficiently, and they require less packaging material than other stand-up pouches that hold an equivalent volume of product.

Quad-seal pouches

Quad-seal pouches consist of two vertical panels and two gussets joined together with four vertical seals. They are commonly found holding products such as:

  • Pet food
  • Coffee
  • Candies
  • Snacks

A primary difference between a quad-seal pouch and a BOX POUCH® is that the bottom of a quad-seal pouch is created with a “fold-over seal,” which means the bottom isn’t perfectly flat. When a quad seal pouch is filled with product, stability isn’t an issue. But as the product is consumed, the bottom of the pouch becomes less stable. For heavier products, such as pet food, quad-seal pouches are often designed to lay flat to ensure stability.

Many of the same features used to customize BOX POUCHES® can also be used to customize quad-seal pouches. But the gussets of a quad-seal pouch are always made from the same material as the rest of the pouch, whereas BOX POUCHES® use two different webs of material — one web for the front, bottom, and back panel, and one web for the side gussets. Brands often take advantage of the ability to make the side gussets clear (providing windows/visibility to the product) while choosing a metallic or opaque material for the rest of the BOX POUCH®.

*BOX POUCH® is a registered name of Totani Corp., a manufacturer of pouch converting machinery


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