Internal recycling facility

Taking recycling into our own hands

C-P's internal recycling facility

Decades ago, C-P Flexible Packaging recognized an opportunity to reduce landfill waste by recycling our own LDPE waste. Originally, this scrap material was recycled to produce large industrial haul-off and dump truck bed liners for a growing customer.

Over the years, our process has evolved. We recycle 100% of our internal polyethylene (PE) scrap generated from our Lakeville plant, and we even purchase post-industrial LDPE scrap otherwise destined for landfill waste.

C-P’s internal recycling operation reduces environmental impact by recycling:

  • Over 115 truckloads of plastic waste each year.
  • Over 4.5 million pounds of PE scrap each year, converting it into industrial PE products such as packaging film, construction film, cargo covers, bin liners, and haul-off liners.
  • Over 1 million pounds of other material such as plastic, paper, corrugated material, cardboard, wood, metal, aluminum, printing ink, and solvent each year.
  • In total, over 5.5 millions pounds including PE scrap and other material yearly.

Our internal recycling process (PE scrap)

  1. Incoming rolls of C-P’s own PE scrap or purchased post-industrial PE waste rolls are collected inside our internal recycling facility.
  2. The mix of in-plant and purchased waste rolls are conveyed to a shredding bin.
  3. Waste film is shredded, melted, compacted, and extruded into pellets called repro, or reprocessed pellets.
  4. These reprocessed pellets, made from 100% post-industrial waste, are now ready for a blown-film extruder where the end products are rolls or sheets of film for industrial use.

Our commitment to sustainability

At C-P Flexible Packaging, sustainability is more than a buzzword. We continually audit our processes, seeking refinements in the areas of facilities management, source reduction, recycling, and conservation to become more sustainable each year.

Operating an internal recycling facility is just one example of our commitment to sustainability.

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