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GreenStream™ Paper

C-P is dedicated to creating sustainable packaging solutions that align with the goals of our customers and consumers. Flexible packaging made with paper is a sustainable option that brands can use to reduce environmental impact without compromising package integrity.

GreenStream™ Paper is manufactured with paper materials that are recyclable and compostable. GreenStream™ Paper comes in a wide variety of formats such as:

  • Premade pouches
  • Overwraps
  • Lidding
  • Cold-seal
  • Heat-seal
  • Weber bags
  • Die-cut rollstock

recyclable paper pouch being recycled

Recyclable GreenStream™ Paper

GreenStream™ Paper provides recyclability (repulpability) and a distinctive eco-conscious feel for environmentally responsible brands, without compromising durability, machinability or sealing properties.

GreenStream™ Paper recycle-ready packaging can be recycled in locations that accept paper and cardboard.

flexible paper packaging being composted

Compostable GreenStream™ Paper

As leading supplier of compostable flexible packaging in North America, C-P also provides several proprietary compostable options within the GreenStream™ Paper C  sustainable packaging portfolio.

Made from plant materials, C-P’s compostable packaging breaks down into non-toxic residue that can be cycled back into the soil.

GreenStream™ Paper compostable packaging is certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute and meets specifications for ASTM D6400 or ASTM 6868, globally recognized biodegradation test standards.

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