Peel and reseal rollstock


mom opening up convenient cookie peel and reseal packaging

As a go-to supplier for reclose technology, our consumer-friendly peel and reseal packaging can be found in grocery stores around the globe. Ideal for cookies and other snacks, C-P Flexible Packaging was one of the first suppliers of this now familiar packaging format. We continue to lead in reclose technology, offering a superior bottom-applied option unavailable elsewhere. Reclose packaging isn’t a simple product for most converters to produce, but we have it down to a science.

Reclose packaging

Peel and reseal rollstock is created with innovative, award-winning die cut and registered pressure sensitive label application technology, and provides many benefits:

  • Convenient, easy access to package contents from the top panel rather than the side of the package
  • Consistently easy to open and reclose
  • Package branding/graphics stay intact during usage of the product
  • Provides tamper evidence
  • Convenient for entertaining or on-the-go snacking
  • Preserves product freshness for multi-use packages without the additional cost of a zipper, slider, or other closure
  • Prevents packaging film tears that previously forced consumers to repackage products to preserve freshness
  • Label size can be customized for each application
  • No overwrap or secondary packaging required
  • No change to current fill process or speeds

Reseal packaging

We have the experience to engineer your peel and reseal rollstock with:

  • Oxygen and moisture barrier properties that provide shelf stability
  • Excellent tear-resistance and durability
  • A smooth, easy-peel for consumers opening your packaging

Seamless reclose technology

C-P is the only place you’ll find bottom-applied seamless reclose packaging, engineered so packaging graphics stay perfectly intact even after the product is opened.

And when you choose C-P Flexible Packaging for your peel and reseal rollstock, your packaging will be further enhanced with our HD flexographic printing that sets the bar for wide web flexible packaging converters.


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