Laser-scored pouches

Premade pouches provide a long list of benefits for consumers and brands, but they can be a nuisance to open if constructed with materials that don’t provide easy and clean tearing.




Laser scoring allows packages to be opened effortlessly, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction and allowing brands to outperform competitors with inferior packaging. In consumer testing, laser-scored packages are consistently preferred by consumers because they are so easy to open. Today’s busy consumers demand convenience, and laser scoring provides just that. And for applications like medical devices where seconds count, laser scoring can be critical.

Laser-scored pouch closeup

Many converters outsource laser scoring because laser scoring equipment is a large investment. But C-P Flexible Packaging is one of only a handful of converters to keep this process entirely in-house, getting your packaging to you faster with full control of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Our advanced laser scoring capabilities allow us to create pouches (or other packaging formats) with a consistent, precise tear — without sacrificing package integrity or barrier properties. Score lines are exactly registered to print, and we’re able to control the score location and depth meticulously.

The aesthetic appearance of a pouch is unaffected by laser scoring. In fact, for multi-use pouches, laser scoring ensures that your pouches will look their best after they are opened, as opposed to standard tear-notch pouches without laser scoring.

Laser scoring is becoming a popular value-added feature used on a variety of packaging formats, including:

Our laser scoring capabilities allow us to laser score in machine or transverse direction, or both simultaneously. And laser scoring is available in straight or contoured patterns.


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