Roll-fed labels

roll-fed labels on store shelves

Roll-fed labels are a durable, cost-effective labeling product. They’re film wraparound labels that come without backing or adhesive, reducing waste and promoting high application rates.


Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, we can surface-print your label graphics on a mono-web film, or reverse-print them on clear-to-clear (for the “no-label” look), clear-to-opaque (to allow the ink to pop), or clear-to-metallized (for a metallic look) film laminations. To protect your label against abrasions during transit and product use, we’ll apply an over-lacquer to all surface-printed labels.

We’ll guide you through the labeling process from concept through to delivery, even offering on-site label application support from experienced field tech engineers. And with state-of-the-art flexographic printing presses and extended gamut printing technology (allowing you to combine runs to achieve volume discounts), you can rest assured that even the most challenging label designs will display exactly as intended on the shelf.

For six decades, C-P Flexible Packaging has been the go-to flexible packaging resource for brands and co-packers. Talk to our team today about your label vision, and we’ll bring it to life.

Roll-fed wraparound labels

Roll-fed labels not only provide 360-degree decoration, but they also boast the temperature and product resistance required for beverage and household chemical products.

Some common applications for roll-fed labels include:

  • Household chemicals & cleaners
  • Food & beverage
  • Personal care

We deliver value at every step of our process

Labels seem simple — print, laminate, slit, deliver. But to ensure your labels make the right impression on the shelf, we have to get every step of the process exactly right, from beginning to end.

With decades of experience delivering labels for brands in every market, we’ve perfected our process. And we not only take responsibility for how your labels are delivered to your facility, but also how they apply to your container and appear on the shelf.

We’ve invested in 7-color extended gamut printing technology, which allows us to accurately print a broader range of colors and reduces the need to use spot colors. Because we don’t have to change inks as often, you can combine several print runs (e.g., flavor variations of the same product) to achieve greater volume discounts.
We’re a fully integrated converter, meaning we do everything it takes to produce your labels — platemaking, printing, laminating, slitting — without relying on any third-party vendors. This gives you shorter lead times and complete control throughout the process.
We consider it our responsibility to deliver labels that apply correctly and look good on the shelf. If you have any application issues, we’ll send one of our field tech engineers to your facility to address it.

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