Pet food packaging

In the pet food and pet treats marketplace, your packaging can greatly influence the success of your product. In consumers’ minds, the quality of a product’s packaging speaks to the quality of the product inside.

Stand up pouch and box pouch
Stand-up pouches are a preferred packaging format for high-quality pet food and treats.


C-P Flexible Packaging is equipped with the materials and expertise to create packaging that differentiates your products and builds your brand—helping you succeed in this competitive market. For example, we have industry-leading printing capabilities with sophisticated printing techniques such as matte/gloss effects that will make your products truly stand out.

Stand-up pouches are a solid choice for pet treats that compete for shelf attention. Available in many configurations, stand-up pouches provide a canvas for multiple panels of attention grabbing graphics and have been known to create measurable lifts in market share.

In addition to stand-up resealable pouches for pet foods and pet treats, we offer:

  • Premade multilayered bags with die-cut windows
  • Rollstock for VFFS and HFFS Machines, including die-cut rollstock
  • Product venting options such as laser perforations

Pet food packaging objectives

We understand that your pet food packaging must accomplish several objectives, including:

  • Providing protection from oxygen, moisture, and pests
  • Conveying the quality of your brand
  • Keeping your product as fresh as possible
  • Improving the consumer experience with value-added features that provide convenience
  • Making your products stand out within product categories saturated with competition
  • Driving sales of your products

We have decades of experience in teaming up with pet food brands to help them accomplish these goals with cost-effective packaging options.

Sustainable packaging options

Our flexible packaging experts can help you design a package that supports sustainability while also running efficiently on your machinery and meeting your end-use performance requirements.

With C-P, you’ll have several sustainable packaging strategies to work with:
Recyclable packaging — Premade pouches, premade bags, or rollstock constructed from mono-material film laminations that can be recycled at store drop-off locations
Recycled packaging materials — Packaging materials with up to 100% post-consumer recycled content.
Source reduction — Reduce raw material consumption by “downgauging” or “lightweighting” your packaging materials.
Compostable packaging — Design packaging for disposal in an industrial composting facility with our biodegradable packaging materials.
Responsibly sourced materials — Choose bio-based, renewable packaging materials.

Take the hassle out of packaging

At C-P Flexible Packaging, you can trust our team to:

  • eliminate lead time issues by establishing a vendor-managed inventory agreement (such as a make-and-ship or a min/max program) customized around your forecasted packaging demands.
  • speed up time-to-market by working with your team to engineer a package that perfectly meets your speed, performance, and aesthetic requirements.
  • quickly troubleshoot packaging issues with help from our field tech engineers, who will come to your facility whenever a packaging line issue arises.
  • never treat you as a small fish in a big pond; we’ve built our entire business on serving midsized brands well, giving them the attention and support they need. Every fish in our pond is big.
  • reduce the risk of packaging stockouts, even if you already have a primary supplier. We can serve as your secondary supplier — sitting on the bench until you experience a surge in demand or a lead-time issue with your primary supplier.

Let's talk flexible packaging.

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