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Custom PVC and PETG Shrink Bands for Tamper-Evident Sealing and Product Upselling

We offer custom PVC and PETG shrink bands – the cost-effective solution for ensuring tamper-evident seals and enhancing product presentation. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your products or create eye-catching product bundles, shrink bands are your versatile answer. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of these shrink bands:

Why Choose Shrink Bands?

Tamper-Evident Sealing: Shrink bands provide an extra layer of security for your products. By applying heat, the bands conform tightly to the container’s shape, making any unauthorized opening immediately evident.

Upselling Opportunities: Shrink bands are an ingenious way to combine multiple items and offer them as attractive bundles. This strategy not only boosts sales but also adds value to your customers’ purchases.

Effortless Application: Applying custom-cut shrink bands is a breeze and requires minimal effort. You can easily apply them by hand, using a heat gun or heat tunnel, ensuring a secure seal without the need for complex equipment.

Easy Tear Perforations

Our shrink bands are designed with easy tear perforations, allowing your customers to open the product with ease while preserving the tamper-evident seal. This user-friendly feature enhances the customer experience and maintains the product’s integrity.

shrink band showing perforation for easy tearing - tamper evidence

Printed & Clear Options Available

Customize your shrink bands to align with your brand identity. Choose between printed and clear shrink bands. Printed options allow you to showcase your logo, branding, or important information, while clear options provide a sleek and minimalistic look, letting your product shine through.

High Shrink Ratios

Our shrink bands boast high shrink ratios, ensuring a tight and secure fit around your containers. This feature guarantees that the band adheres perfectly, leaving no room for tampering.

Preformed Shrink Bands

For larger containers or containers with irregular shapes, preformed shrink bands offer a faster and more efficient sealing solution. Common applications for preforms include deli containers, popcorn tins, parfait cups, and square trays. These preforms drastically reduce the labor required for application, making them an ideal choice for businesses with high-volume production.

preformed cut bands for popcorn tins and other containers

Ready to Enhance Your Product Presentation?

Whether you’re looking to maintain product integrity through tamper-evident sealing or you want to create visually appealing product bundles, our custom PVC and PETG shrink bands have you covered. With easy application methods and a range of customization options, you can elevate your packaging game without breaking the bank.

Contact us today to discuss your shrink band needs and take the next step toward enhancing your product’s security and appeal!

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