Zipper pouches

Zipper pouches — the most cost-effective resealable premade pouch

Zipper pouches

Zipper pouches, also known as “press-to-close” zipper pouches, are a cost-effective option for resealable packaging. Press-to-close zippers are the most common stand-up pouch closure on the market today, providing several benefits for consumers.



Zippers pouches are:

  • Familiar and convenient
  • Easy, secure resealing
  • Lightweight for on-the-go usage or ecommerce distribution
  • Effective in preventing contamination or spills
  • Good for preserving product integrity and freshness

Your zipper pouch style options

A wide variety of zipper styles are available, such as:

  • Double-lock zippers
  • Child-resistant or child-deterrent zippers
  • Powder-Zip™ zippers (for powdered or granulated products)
  • Audible/tactile feedback zippers
  • Fragrance zippers
  • Color reveal zippers
  • Ribbed zippers

Value-added zipper pouch features

Pouches with press-to-close zippers can also incorporate a number of other features to add value, maximize shelf impact, and improve the consumer experience:

  • Laser scoring
  • Tear notches
  • Clear windows
  • Hanger holes
  • Handles
  • Valves
  • Shapes
  • Matte/gloss effects


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