In-house prepress services

At C-P Flexible Packaging, we don’t outsource prepress or platemaking. They’re far too critical to the quality and effectiveness of the finished package to leave to a third-party vendor. We do everything it takes to transform your graphics — no matter how complex — from pixels on a screen to vibrant packaging that exactly matches your proofs.

Prepress platemaking

We use advanced platemaking technology, imagers, and processing equipment, including:

  • DuPont Cyrel Easy ESP and EPR flexographic plates
  • DuPont Cyrel Digital Imagers
  • DuPont 4260 in-line processing and drying systems

Investing in the most innovative plate technology available ensures repeatability and allows us to produce the highest quality of results for you:

  • Brighter, more vivid images
  • Better highlights and fade to zero
  • Impressive solid ink density

About our prepress workflow

Prepress is the art of ensuring the printability and repeatability of your packaging graphics. It’s all the pre-production work necessary to go from graphics on a computer screen to plates on a 60-inch wide press printing at 1,500 feet per minute to the finished package sitting on a shelf. And it’s about making sure the graphics on that package look exactly the same, whether it is printed today, tomorrow, or a year from now.

In essence, the work we do in prepress eliminates printing problems by design.

As part of our prepress workflow, we will:

  • Optimize your graphics files for our HD flexo presses
  • Prepare your artwork for extended gamut printing
  • Numerically define process and spot color targets
  • Conduct grid tests and pre-distort graphics for stretch and shrink sleeves
  • Apply your graphics to the die line
  • Create proofs
  • Make flexographic plates using our advanced HD plate imagers
  • Define the print parameters necessary to achieve consistency on the production substrate
  • And much, much more

Basically, you hand off your graphics to our team and we’ll do all the legwork necessary to systematically ensure that every time we print a package, label, or sleeve, it appears exactly as you envision.

The value of making plates in-house

We have identified the platemaking technology and plate material that works best on our high-definition flexographic presses. And we make all of our plates in-house with our state-of-the-art plate imagers, integrated processors and dryers, and fully automated plate trimming.

This not only gives us greater control over the quality of the finished packaging product, but it also cuts out the middleman. Because we can get plates made faster, we can pass time savings along to you in the form of expedited lead times. If any plate issue arises on the press, we can quickly make a new plate and finish your order on time.

For six decades, C-P Flexible Packaging has been providing repeatable, high-quality packaging on every print run. And luck has got nothing to do with it; it’s the level of care and expertise we bring to our prepress workflow.

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