Shrink sleeves

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Shrink sleeves — also known as shrink sleeve labels — are high-quality, high-impact labeling products. They maximize branding real estate to make a bigger splash on the shelf.Jar with shrink sleeve

On the surface, shrink sleeves may seem simple:

  1. Using our HD flexographic printing capabilities, we print your graphics on shrink sleeve material.
  2. We then use our shrink seaming equipment to convert this material into shrink sleeves.
  3. When the shrink sleeves reach you or your co-packer, the sleeves are dropped over your container and sent through a shrink tunnel.
  4. The end result is an eye-catching, 360-degree label.

But after decades of experience in manufacturing shrink sleeve labels, we know how much testing, planning, and expertise go into getting shrink sleeves right.

We’ll help you navigate your shrink film options (PETG, OPS, PLA, and PVC) to select the right one for your container. And to prevent unplanned shrink distortions, we conduct pre-commercialization analysis and grid distortion testing. This allows us to create shrink sleeve prototypes for you to test in your own shrink tunnel. Because we take responsibility for how your shrink sleeves appear on the shelf, we can send field tech engineers to your facility to help address any application problems.

To get started on shrink sleeves with serious shelf impact, contact our team and send us a sample of your container.

Sleeves for any product, container, or industry

We print, seam, and deliver shrink sleeves that provide full-product branding for any container — trigger bottles, jars, cans, etc. If required for your product, we can incorporate a perforation into your sleeve as a tamper-evident feature.

Sprayer bottle with shrink sleeve

Product categories where shrink sleeve labels are widely used include:

  • Household chemicals & cleaners
  • Food & beverage
  • Personal care
  • Health and wellness
  • Multipacks

home products, beverage, personal care, health & wellness, multi-pack

Recyclable shrink sleeve labels

We offer 100% recyclable shrink sleeves that can be recycled with PET containers resulting in less landfill waste.

  • Full-body coverage on wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Can be recycled with rigid PET containers
  • Meets APR requirements
  • Printed with washable inks (reclaimed are free and clear of discoloration of ink particles)
  • Diverts label material from landfills to recycling streams

recyclable shrink sleeve labels

We deliver value at every step of our process

To get shrink sleeves right, you have to get the process right. C-P Flexible Packaging has decades of experience delivering sleeves for brands in a variety of markets (and for containers in a variety of shapes). And we go through the steps to guarantee every sleeve appears exactly as intended, even on the most unique bottles and jars.

Using your container and production substrate, we’ll create a grid sleeve and test it in our shrink tunnel to verify where we need to pre-distort your graphics. If you’d like, we’ll send you a prototype shrink sleeve (printed with your pre-distorted graphics) to test in your facility’s shrink tunnel. All of this pre-run testing means your graphics will display perfectly, even on the most contoured containers.
Platemaking, printing, slitting — we do it all. That gives you quicker lead times and complete quality control from start to finish.
We’ll send one of our field tech engineers to your facility if an application problem ever comes up.


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