Matte and gloss pouches

Matte and gloss pouches are magnetic to consumers for many reasons:

  • 3D look
  • More consumer engagement; consumers are more likely to pick up the package to view the matte/gloss effects from different angles, making your package memorable and boosting brand recognition
  • Glossy areas highlight features/graphics to be emphasized
  • Increases perceived product quality and value
  • Massive shelf impact

C-P Flexible Packaging’s advanced printing capabilities allow us to tackle complex artwork with registered matte/gloss effects. While some converters struggle with this technique, leading brands trust us for enhanced matte/gloss printing effects that are incredibly effective at drawing in consumers.

Pouch with matte and gloss finish

Using matte and gloss effects on your pouches can be especially effective in highly competitive markets. Matte and gloss stand-up pouches have been proven to stand out on shelves and encourage product handling by consumers. The combination of the registered matte varnish contrasting with eye-catching high-gloss areas gives the graphics a feeling of depth, making the package impossible to ignore.

Ideal products for matte/gloss pouches

Matte/gloss printing effects can be found on many different types of products:

  • Food & beverage
  • Cosmetics & beauty
  • Confectionery
  • Nutritional/nutraceuticals
  • Cannabis
  • Pet food
  • Personal care

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