GreenStream products

Make an eco impact with C-P's GreenStream sustainable packaging line

GreenStream sustainable packaging

Sustainable flexible packaging

Supporting sustainable packaging goals for brands, C-P’s GreenStream line of flexible packaging options designed for sustainability utilizes post-consumer recycled content, recyclable materials, compostable materials, downgauged materials, and/or materials derived from renewable resources.

Store-drop off recyclable flexible packaging

recyclable flexible packagingProducts that cannot be included in curbside recycling such as plastic bags, wraps, and packaging film can go to local retail stores where they collect plastic grocery bags for recycling, hence the term known a store-drop off recycling.

We offer recyclable packaging film made from mono-material, 100% polyethylene (PE) that can be recycled at more than 18,000 store drop-off locations across the U.S.

Without compromising durability or resealability, our recycle-ready flexible packaging products reduce environmental impact—while maximizing shelf impact with C-P Flexible Packaging’s best-in-class HD flexographic printing:

  • Premade bags & pouches
  • HFFS/VFFS rollstock
  • Inno-Lok® pre-zippered rollstock
  • Shrink sleeve labels
  • C-FiT™ stretch sleeve labels
  • Cold-seal packaging
  • Pillow bags
  • Flow wrap

As a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), we use their How2Recycle system for certifying various recyclable packages. If you’d like to display a How2Recycle logo on your product, which provides a visual informing consumers exactly how to recycle your package, we can assist in this process.

Flexible packaging made with PCR

plastic bottles used for wipes packagingPost-consumer recycled (PCR) flexible packaging options are sourced from raw materials that include recycled plastic (milk jugs, water bottles, etc.) or paper from industrial or post-consumer sources. Plastic/paper waste collected from recycling centers is sorted, sterilized, and repurposed into new packaging options including post-consumer recycled resin.

  • Can apply to polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester structures
  • FDA-compliance is now offering more options in the food space
  • Matches the quality of non-recycled flexible packaging
  • Offers the same level of protection, barrier performance, and strength as nonrecycled plastic films
  • Allows brands to fulfill sustainability goals without relying on the consumer to recycle or compost package after use

Compostable flexible packaging

compostable-packaging-for-wipesHaving produced more compostable packaging SKU’s than any other packaging supplier in North America, we offer compostable packaging options including:

  • Compostable lidding
  • Compostable overwraps
  • Compostable pouches

Made from plant materials, compostable packaging breaks down into non-toxic components. The non-toxic residue can be cycled back into the soil to safely support plant life.

Our multiple compostable structures provide varying properties for barrier, performance, and clarity depending on product shelf life and packaging equipment requirements ideal for several markets such as:

  • Coffee
  • Snacks
  • Soaps/detergents
  • Ice cream
  • Pet treats
  • Dietary supplements
  • Wipes

Leading BPI-certified Compostable Packaging Supplier

C-P Flexible Packaging offers BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certified compostable structures meet specifications for ASTM D6400 ensuring that when mixed with food scraps and yard trimmings, the packaging will break down during the regular composting process within 90 to 180 days of disposal, leaving nothing behind.

We’re the first and only company to offer BPI-certifed compostable coffee pod lidding film designed for the newest generation of single-serve coffee makers.

Flexible packaging made with bio-sourced materials

packaging made from bioplasticsCreated from organic and plant-based materials, biopolymers are an earth-friendly alternative to conventional polymers. We can provide flexible packaging rollstock made from biological sources that help reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of your packaging.

  • Technology based on sugar cane, starch, or soy usage
  • Can replace some of the fossil-fuel derived materials
  • Ideal for polyethylene (PE) solutions

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