Natural plant fiber trays provide an alternative to plastic trays for packaged meals


Preferred Packaging, a division of C-P Flexible Packaging, has expanded its GreenStream™ sustainable packaging portfolio with new molded pulp trays made from natural plant fibers. Designed for packaged meals, GreenStream™ plant fiber trays are freezer-safe, microwave-safe, and oven-safe. These plastic-free trays are also compostable and recyclable in municipalities with collection systems. The new trays are being introduced at the School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference in Orlando, Florida July 10-12, 2022.

GreenStream Sustainable Natural Plant-based Pulp Trays for Food Packaging

Composed of plant fibers such as sugar cane husks and bamboo fibers, and manufactured responsibly without generating wastewater, GreenStream™ pulp trays are designed to retain strength and provide a positive consumer experience. The engineered surface is also sealable with proprietary Affirm™ lidding films and features improved oil and water resistance. PFAS-free fiber formulations are also available.

According to government reports there were 56.7 million K thru 12 students in 2021 attending schools in the United States. The need to provide meals for a large portion of these children is increasing.

“The addition of GreenStream™ plant fiber trays to our sustainable packaging portfolio strengthens our capabilities to provide innovative, environmentally responsible solutions to the prepared meals market”, stated Mike Hoffman, CEO of C-P Flexible Packaging. “At the School Nutrition Association Annual Conference, we’re excited to display several new innovations that allow schools to do more with less impact on the environment, delivering high-quality meals, snacks, and desserts in safe and efficient formats to the students who rely on them.”

Preferred Packaging also offers Affirm™ lidding films to provide best-in-class seals for both GreenStream™ pulp trays and traditional plastic trays as well as OmniSeal tray sealing equipment designed to accommodate all volumes and budgets. Additional information on GreenStream™ pulp trays, Affirm™ lidding films, or OmniSeal tray sealing equipment can be found at

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