Faster line speeds

Cold-seal technology can exponentially increase packaging line speeds.

Seals with pressure alone

Cold-seal adhesive forms a seal with pressure alone, eliminating the need for heat and dwell time.

Runs on your existing equipment

You can run cold-seal packaging on your existing form/fill/seal equipment.

A primary benefit of cold-seal packaging is the increase in packaging speed compared to heat-seal packaging. Cold-seal packaging line speeds can be multiple times faster than heat-seal line speeds.

Cold-seal packaging offers value to any brand owner that is packaging heat-sensitive products such as protein bars, chocolate bars, breakfast bars, ice cream novelties, nutritional bars, etc.

Benefit #1: There is no heat

Eliminating the need for heat provides several benefits:

  • The brand owner doesn’t have to wait for their packaging line to heat up on start-up.
  • Burn-related operator injuries are eliminated.
  • Heat-sensitive products will not get damaged due to the heat-sealing equipment if the packaging line stops.
  • Product spoilage due to packaging burn through is eliminated.
  • Energy costs are reduced. You no longer need to waste energy maintaining high temperatures on your heat-sealing equipment.
  • Heat-related package distortion is eliminated.

Benefit #2: Up to 10x packaging speed increase

Cold-seal adhesives don’t require dwell time since they seal with pressure alone. Heat-seal adhesives require time and pressure for the heat to penetrate through the layers of film to activate the heat-seal adhesive.

A very careful balance of temperature, time, and pressure is necessary to produce suitable package seals that protect the brand owner’s product. The package may not seal, it may burn or distort, or the product inside may get damaged if that balance is not met.

Sealing with pressure alone makes fine-tune adjustments easy. As mentioned above, being able to increase the output of your packaging machine by using cold seal packaging means that you can increase the supply of your product to meet demand without making that costly capital expenditure.

Benefit #3: Cold-seal packaging can be run on your existing heat-seal packaging line

Just turn off the heat. From there, you can test the limits of your packaging line’s speed specifications.

We can help with your cold-seal packaging needs

Start-ups and mid-sized companies can gain access to the best packaging technology for their bar wraps even though the number of packaging producers capable of producing cold-seal packaging is limited. You shouldn’t be forced into packaging that doesn’t meet your expectations.

At C-P Flexible Packaging, we have over 25 years of experience with cold-seal technology. We understand the challenges our customers face when starting up a new product or scaling them for profitable growth.

Continuous reinvestment in state-of-the-art technologies provides us with the capability to produce short runs of cold-seal packaging at an economical price. Along with expanding in-house capabilities, we have the opportunity to be a full-service supplier to our customers.

Reach out to our team today to discuss cold-seal packaging for your heat-sensitive product.

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