Collaboration with Hostess delivers efficient implementation process and meaningful innovation for consumers


C-P Flexible Packaging, in collaboration with Hostess, played a pivotal role in the successful development of Voortman’s resealable cookie packaging. Despite challenges caused by COVID-19 and increased lead times for materials, the supplier demonstrated their agility by implementing the packaging upgrade within six months without additional capital investment or production efficiency loss.

Voortman Bakery cookies in resealable packaging manufactured by C-P Flexible Packaging
Voortman Bakery cookies in recloseable packaging supplied by C-P Flexible Packaging. According to research, consumers required a package that was both easy to open and easy to reseal.

C-P Flexible Packaging’s technical expertise and industry experience streamlined the implementation process, resulting in a package design featuring precise alignment of bridges with tray compartment ridges. This innovative solution not only addressed the issue of package bowing but also provided portion control for consumers.

The dedication and coordination between Hostess and C-P Flexible Packaging exemplify their commitment to delivering efficient and consumer-centric packaging solutions. The project’s success showcases C-P Flexible Packaging’s ability to provide effective packaging solutions and drive meaningful innovation in the industry.

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