Your business and ours — better together

Customer service

When it comes to fostering effective supply chain management, C-P Flexible Packaging has always placed the customer first. Dedicated to efficient, customer-centric scheduling, all projects and company workflow are managed by a responsive Customer Service department – making C-P Flexible Packaging one of the strongest links in your product delivery system.

Graphic support

Comprehensive support of artwork and graphic files help C-P Flexible Packaging maintain print integrity while facilitating workflow. The in-house digital workflow process and on-site Allied plate personnel help keep the typical lead-time to four weeks from the approval of artwork.

Technical support / Quality assurance

C-P Flexible Packaging has temperature-controlled laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art analytic equipment. The technical department is able to assist with packaging development, problem identification and solutions. Physical testing of materials is performed throughout production ensuring that the final product conforms to specifications.