Consumer demand for healthful, less-processed foods driving growth in high performance packaging


C-P Flexible Packaging (C-P), a leader in the flexible packaging industry, will showcase proprietary lidding films for high-pressure pasteurization at the 2023 International Deli Dairy Bakery Association (IDDBA) Show in Anaheim, CA on June 4-6, 2023.

IDDBA exhibitor - C-P Flexible Packaging Booth 4983

C-P’s exclusive high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) films are part of the Affirm™ family of products, developed specifically for prepared meals, fresh dips, soups, sauces and produce snacks. These films seal to and peel from a variety of tray materials and withstand the demanding requirements of high-pressure pasteurization.

According to Expert Market Research, the global HPP processed foods market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.6% from 2023 through 2028. This growth is projected to be driven by consumers’ increasing preferences for convenient, fresh, healthful and minimally-processed foods with natural flavor and longer shelf life.

The Best Performing High Pressure Pasteurization Films

“We are excited to be highlighting Affirm™ Lidding Films at the upcoming IDDBA Show,” says Mike Hoffman, CEO of C-P Flexible Packaging. “With superior sealing and anti-fog properties, Affirm™ HPP Lidding Films ensure freshness and integrity. We’ve invested heavily in markets that deliver solutions to the rapidly growing fresh food and snack segments. North American consumers are shifting preferences to include a wider variety of healthier alternatives and C-P’s technologies are helping to satisfy that demand.”

Preferred Packaging, a division of C-P Flexible Packaging, offers a variety of films and trays used for refrigerated and frozen meals, including GreenStream® molded pulp trays—an alternative to traditional plastic trays. GreenStream® molded pulp trays are also available with PFAS-free fiber formulations.

GreenStream Sustainable Natural Plant-based Pulp Trays for Food Packaging