Launch of the first and only BPI-certified compostable coffee pod lidding film for newest single-serve coffee makers

bpi-certified compostable coffee lidding


We’re the first and only company to offer BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certified compostable coffee pod lidding film designed for the newest generation of single-serve coffee makers.

This patent-pending compostable lidding is the only BPI-certified lidding that works with new multi-prong technology found in the leading brand of single-serve brewing machines. C-P’s proprietary compostable lidding allows several prongs to puncture the coffee pod without tearing, allowing multiple streams of hot water to saturate coffee grounds—extracting more aroma and flavor.

This compostable lidding joins the C-P GreenStream™ portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions designed to minimize environmental impact.

According to Euromonitor, there are over 12 billion beverage pods purchased in North America each year—enough pods to encircle the earth 13 times. C-P’s compostable lidding film used in tandem with compostable cups allows pods to be commercially composted, allowing fewer pods to end up in landfills. The material meets all of the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials test methods ASTM D6400 and ASTM 6868.

As stated by C-P Flexible Packaging CEO Mike Hoffman, “C-P is committed to being the industry leader in compostable flexible packaging as well as post-consumer recycled and recycle-ready materials. We’re investing heavily in expanding our GreenStream™ sustainable packaging portfolio, and our BPI-certified compostable lidding technology is just one example of this.”

Beyond compostable coffee pod lidding, C-P supplies many types of retail coffee packaging to leading coffee brands, including compostable fractional packs, compostable mother bags and compostable pod overwraps.