Electronics packaging

bubble wrap for ipad packaging

Ideal for electronic products, our antistatic packaging material creates a strong, durable and electrostatic protective barrier for sensitive devices and components. C-P’s packaging options for the electronics market focuses on static control:

  • Static control packaging
    • Static shielding
    • Anti-static poly
    • Black conductive
    • Cushioned static shielding bags
rollstock of black conductive packaging with electronic component
Our black conductive packaging creates a non-sparking surface perfect for use with chemicals, powder explosives, and sensitive electronics.
anti-static packaging for electronics
Antistatic film has increased surface resistivity, and typically a pink color identifier per industry standard.

Cleanroom packaging expertise

As a leader in cleanroom packaging, C-P Flexible Packaging employees undergo extensive training in contamination control, and gowning is required with masks, gloves, booties and hair coverings to reduce human contaminants like skin cells or hair.

packaging electronics in cleanroom environment

Another core component of electronics packaging is the prevention of packaging additives leaching into electronic products. You can trust C-P with knowing your product is packaged using the latest standards and practices in cleanroom packaging.

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    Sustainable Packaging

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